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October Rust

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  • A friend introduced me to Type-O Negative quite a few years ago. At first I was reluctant to listen to it because I thought the band was a bunch of vampire-wannabe freaks. Back then I knew nothing about Gothic music, but I was a huge metal fan–listening to everything from Metallica to Pantera and Halford in-between. Since my first listen and thousands more this album has grown on me exponentially to the point of being the one album I can listen to over and over and never get tired of. The music is just so full of emotion. At first some of the songs depressed me, but now it’s like coming home. It actually cheers me up and puts me in a melancholy mood that fits perfectly with who I am. Type-O doesn’t take themselves or their lyrics seriously at times, which is a waste in my opinion, because this album is a pinnacle that may never be reached again by any Gothic band. It’s *that* good. I’ve been searching all over the place for something similar, but the haunting mood of this album can’t be matched. In my opinion October Rust is the epitomy of Gothic music and Type-O hit the nail in the coffin (er on the head) with this album. Words can’t express how good this album is. Buy it and let yourself be taken away to a world you never knew existed. “Die with Me” and “Love You to Death” are two songs I can relate to; love in its deepest form. “Red Water (Christmas Mourning)” is so sad that you can’t stop listening to it. “Haunted” is by far my favorite track. I could listen to Peter’s deep singing all day. The interlude in the middle of the song is just perfect. “In Praise of Bacchus”, “Burnt Flowers Fallen” and “Wolf Moon” are powerful. “Cinnamon Girl” and “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” are typical Type-O fun. If you’ve never heard Gothic music before and want to hear the best right up front this is the only album you will need. It will leave you wanting more. The other Type-O albums don’t reach this level of perfection and emotion. They broke the Gothic mold and nothing else compares. 8 years since its release it’s still best. Stop reading this review and buy the album now. If you don’t you’ll be missing out on something truly monumental in music.

    Posted on March 16, 2010