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October Rust

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  • I listen to a broad variety of music, so when I heard “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” on the radio one day, I decided to give Type O a shot, and what a wise decision that was! “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” is one of the fastest and hardest tracks on the album, so I was surprised to hear how different some of the others were. Sometimes you think you’re listening to a classical arrangement with some gothic guitarplaying going on. Other times it’s more like chanting. Lead singer Peter Steele must have one of the deepest voices in existence! Overall, the album has one of the richest atmospheres I’ve ever heard. Type O Negative seems to appeal to some primal instinct deep within the human soul, some ancient qualities long forgotten. Steele deals with the dark side of things in his lyrics, but deep within I sense a celebration of love (although it certainly is well hidden). Death and despair gets turned into art (or functionless art that is nothing but tolerated vandalism according to the band).No matter what, this is a dark and beautiful masterpiece. Well worth your materialistic means of payment. In other words: get the thing!

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now