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Odd Fellows Rest & Equilibrium

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  • Crowbar are definately an under-rated band who deserve more attention and respect. Their musicality and riff based groove have gone on to influence many metal bands. Bands like PanterA, and Black Label Society all share a common ground with Crowbar. Free form riffs with use of heavy vibrato that give a calling back to what Black Sabbath brought to heavy music.
    Odd Fellows Rest is an album that reinvents what Black Sabbath did with songs like “Electric Funeral,” “Faries Wear Boots,” and “Black Sabbath.” Heavy riffs with amazing sense of feel. The use of vibrato and shifting of the drums going from full force to holding back, creates a powerful groove that is heavy beyond most bands. The music posseses melodic passages but still have a mean tone. Heavy never grooved this much.
    Equilbrium is a heavy album. With elements that can get anyone feeling like they should get up and move or start banging their head, Crowbar release giant titan of heavy grooves with bone crunching riffs.
    Lyricly Crowbar stand as a band of strength. In my opinion one can hear the lyrics of Crowbar sang by Kirk and know that he means every word that he says. He speaks his truth.
    Take a listen and try it out. For fans of groove and heavy riffs, Crowbar is a band that defines power groove.

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    Posted on December 25, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now