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  • Offering is the first cassette I sought to replace when CDs emerged on the market. I had “20 Years from Home” but had been devistated to find the songs I remembered and loved remixed on it.

    Most people can claim a song or a band as their generation’s trademark call to party; Axe’s “Rock and Roll Party” and “Burn the City Down” was ours. I had 3 cassettes of Offering, one for my car, one for my boyfriend’s and one for the portable player I took on my morning run. Friday nights started out with these songs blasting on the stereo.

    Of course such reminisence tells little about the music. Axe supplied some pounding rock rhythms with lyrics that were identifiable and discernable, if not especially profound. They successfully built a bridge from rock to heavy metal, spanning dance/pop in a style similar to (but equal or better) that of other popular rock songs of that time period unique enough to transcend the predominating punk/pop culture, like Tonight is What it Means to be Young (off the Streets of Fire album), Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen) and On the Dark Side (Eddie and the Cruisers). Axe offered refreshment to a generation who had teethed on the likes of Led Zepplin, Rush, Yes, The Who and The Doors, but were getting cavities on the pop candy tunes of Madonna, the GoGos, Prince and Duran Duran. Axe’s intrepid style earned them airplay on most radio stations and a loyal fan following. This style is showcased on Offering. I am thrilled that the music on Offering has been preserved for the evaluation and, hopefully, enjoyment of generations to come.

    Posted on December 14, 2009