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  • During the early 80’s, as I was in High School, I was (and still am) a hard rock, heavy metal fan. I collected everything I could get my hands on. I was on a trip to get SAXON’s Denim and Leather LP and it wasn’t in. I started shopping around to buy something and started in the A’s. I quickly ran across AXE OFFERRINGS and loved the cover. I shopped by the cover sometimes if I knew nothing of the band. When I put the LP on my turntable I didn’t like it at first. I was expecting heavy guitars like SAXON or Iron Maiden. This album had a certain sofistication in it that, I, as a teenager, had to listen to a few times to grasp. Never heard a Hard Rock album with piano lead ins. After all these years, this album remains in my top 10 LP’s (now CD) to play. Reminds me of so many things, and looking back, it was my first step toward expanding my horizon on what Hard Rock/Heavy Metal was/is. Axe’s sound, to me, is like Bob Seger electrified!! Great job on this CD and their second one, NEMESIS. Got them both at the same time and immediately put them in my CD roullette.

    Posted on December 14, 2009