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Office of Strategic Influence

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  • First of all, I would like to recommend the limited edition 2 cd version of this release over the normal CD because the listener is no doubt missing on how deep the thematic scope of this project truly is. The bonus material features three tracks which sound better than most of the first disc including an oustanding Floyd cover that is to die for. The bonus CD ROM video done by Kevin Moore of “Horseshoes & B-52’s” is an quite a trip into the visual aspects of this project. I could envision a DVD release compiled only of video material from the album sometime in the near future or perhaps using this material backing video if a tour were to ever take place.Now about the first disc, I was initially a bit skeptical about whether this one could pull this one off sucessfully. Judging by the sound of the demo “The Thing That Never Was” Jim Matheos was absolutely correct in bringing Kevin Moore to add the much needed production boost that had been missing at first. Otherwise this disc probably would’ve sounded like another prog-fueled instrumental wankfest. Moore went ahead and used all the programming expertise from his post-Dream Theater project Chroma Key to create an album of unique prog soundscapes. Chapman stickmaster Sean Malone’s contributions cannot be ignored either. The mellower tracks particularly “Hello, Hellicopter,” “Head”, and “Memory Daydreams Lapses” are what truly standout. Melding modern electronic programming flourishes reminiscent of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) and more traditional progressive sound structures, the result is one of 2003’s more adventurous releases thus far.

    Posted on January 27, 2010