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Official Live: 101 Proof

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  • Nothing beats a PanterA show. They are the greatest live band ever. I have seen a few and everytime I go to another concert (no matter who it is), I always say, “PanterA has hardly any lights, but their sounds make you wanna scream!” I like this album a lot, and love the live version of A NEW LEVEL (Phil really hits the chorus hard, makes you realize just how angry in life you can become). WHERE I COME FROM is definately bluesey, and it’s an ok song, but for my money, I like I CAN’T HIDE. It starts out with a clean bass sound (unlike FAR BEYOND DRIVEN where Rex was as heavy and distorted as Dime’s guitars) which one girl I knew mistook for a punk song (1st song I played to her), then unleashes into a fast, hard and HEAVY AS S—! sound! The end is my favorite, since PanterA always seem to have great finales (the greatest being the middle and end skull-crunchers on THIS LOVE, the greatest anti-love song ever!); Phil screams as the band hit short beats/notes that feel like your getting hit in the head by a jackhammer. Truly a work of metal art! I also like the slowed-down live ending to SUICIDE NOTE PART 2. And the screams Phil adds to the ending crunch of THIS LOVE let me blow off a lot of steam in never-ending bad relationships. PANTERA ARE THE KINGS OF HEAVY METAL.

    Posted on December 14, 2009