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  • As I consider this record is worthy of being on many: “Best Of” lists. Best: “Live” album, Best: “Live Album of the 1970’s”, Best: “Live Hard Rock” Album, Etc,Etc. This double record, had more room on the four sides of those records to fit more songs from the 1976 concert on it. I was lucky enough to see a show from the Summer 1976, “Rainbow Over America” tour at the Berkeley Community Theater. And, as I have always been big about this album, as one of the very greats. But, when it is compared to the concert I attended in Berkeley, here on this CD, you are only getting about HALF the show.

    The epic version of: “Stargazer” {with drum solo by Cozy and the big explosion in that solo} is not here. That was by far one of the highlights of this amazing show. “Black Sheep Of The Family” was far better than it’s studio counterpart {not included as well}. “Do You Close Your Eyes” {where is that?}. 31 years is indeed a long time, and as I don’t remember everything from that night, I do know that the 1976 show was 2 Hours in length, and lot’s more of that show could and should be presented here to tell the complete story.

    Still, this is one of the very best live recordings ever released, but if there was a CD that needed a: “Deluxe/Expanded Edition”, of 2 CD’s to be released: “On Stage” should be at the top of that list.
    Any fan of: Ritchie, Tony, Cozy, Ronnie James and Jimmy, should already own this monster, but there is more that needs to be heard!
    Four Stars !!!

    Posted on February 1, 2010