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On Through the Night

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  • My friends and I in high school became Def Leppard fans because of this album. The real item of interest when this was released was that the guys, except for Joe Elliot, were all teenagers. The drummer, if I recall, was only 16. However, to my ear, the guitar playing and drumming, from a technical standpoint, are better on this album than the follow-ups. I seem to recall the band recorded it in a very short period of time due to budget constraints, which makes it all the more impressive. Many Def Leppard fans may not like this album because it sounds so different from the band’s later work. Joe’s vocals don’t have the rough edge we’re all used to (though they’re good). And the songwriting is very different — very riff oriented. More influenced by UFO than AC/DC. But even if this doesn’t sound like the Def Leppard everyone grew to love, the songs are still good. Some, like “Wasted” and “Rock Brigade,” are very good. This release will help fans reali! ze what a huge influence Mutt Lange (and probably AC/DC) had on the band. When it came out, “On Through the Night” stood on its own as a strong British metal release. And when the follow-up, “High and Dry,” came out, we thought we had all died and gone to heaven. . .

    Posted on January 4, 2010