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Once Sent From the Golden Hall

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  • The remastered studio album offered here is louder and fuller sounding than the original–no surprise. This is a ferocious album by a band that would maintain its edge but add catchier and more engaging elements over time. But forget all of that: the second disc, a live beginning-to-end run through of Once Sent…, demonstrates how great this band has become. The authority and confidence with which they play these older tunes (during a 2008 performance) is astonishing, and the live disc just blows away the studio recordings, regardless of remastering. This package is good news for fans… if the plan at Metal Blade is to continue these two-disc rereleases and accompany the remastered tracks with live versions of the albums. Even those who already own these albums should consider the new versions–not only are the bonuses worth the investment, but Amon Amarth and their record company believe in value for your dollar: you get, essentially, two discs for the price of one from this band. Cool, right?

    Posted on November 19, 2009