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  • “Cinderella” is usually laughed off as “one of those silly, talentless hairbands” of the 80’s. Don’t count them out just yet. Sure, they didn’t have as much success as Bon Jovi or Def Leppard, but Cinderella stuck out when other bands were trying to all sound alike. They might have gotten a little too bluesy for mainstream hairband fans near the end, but “Heartbreak Station” gave these guys some credit as a legitimate rock n’ roll band. Besides, Led Zeppelin, who was looked upon as gods in the heyday of hair, are also considered a blues act.Anyway, this album is a nice addition to anyone’s 80’s rocker collection. “Shake Me,” “Nobody’s Fool” and “Shelter Me” are all here. So is “Don’t Know What You Got(Till It’s Gone)” and a whole plethora of Cinderella hits. They never dominated the charts, but Cinderella definitely left their mark on the 80’s. Give this one a try.

    Posted on December 24, 2009