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One by One

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  • Out of the four Foo albums, this is by far the heaviest of the lot. Not reallt heavy metal, it’s kinda a mix between grunge, metal, pop and soft rock. Also, the lyrics seem to be a lot deeper this time and interesting and the guitar playing is a bit more advanced than the other albums. The songs are:

    1. All my life: The most popular from the album. It starts off with a dark quiet intro, but then bursts out into a heavy song. Some screaming at the end too which makes it sound cool. 10/10
    2. Low: I feel this song has to grow on you. It’s kinda grungy, with fuzzy guitar riffs. In time you will get to love this song. 10/10
    3. Have it all: This is similar to “Low”, it also grows on you. Again, sort of like grunge. 9/10
    4. Time like these: Another polular track. A bit more softer than the last three, but still catchy and more pop-like. Dave sings very softly until the end, when he starts to yell it out and it gives the song a good ending. 10/10
    5. Dissenchanted lullaby: I just never have been able to get into this song. The chorus is highly annoying, with Dave almost screaming, when it is quite a softer song. 6/10
    6. Tired of you: By far the darkest song on the album. The song is palm-muted (if you know what I mean) on the guitar, all the way through the song. Again, it’s kinda quiet but it can be quite scary to listen to. I like it. 8/10
    7. Halo: A bit more catchy, but one of the more mellow tracks. It’s pretty soft in the verses but the chorus picks up. 10/10
    8. Lonely as you: This song starts off slow, but it soon gets a bit heavier. A lot like “Dissenchanted lullaby” but ten times better. Thjis song is easy to sing along to. 9/10
    9. Overdrive: Probabaly the most poppy song on the album. It sounds like it could have been on their 1999 “There is nothing left to lose” album. The solo sounds like a keyboard. A cool, fun pop-rock track. 10/10
    10. Burn away: Underrated. One of my favourites of the album. There is just something about the chorus I love. It’s sort of like an intersting grunge song, but a bit different. 10/10
    11. Come back: Good closer. A 7-minute epic song. It starts off as a heavy electric song, then goes into two acoustics guitars playing two solo riffs, then it goeds back to electric. Great album closer. 10/10

    This is the Foo’s worst album in my oponion, but I still love it. If you want something like Nirvana, or something a bit heavier than pop-rock try this. Or if you want the foo’s other heavy album, get “the colour and the shape”. But I think all their albums are great.

    Posted on March 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I guess I was never much of a fan of Nirvana, in spite of having come out of college at about the time that they were at the peak of their fame, so back when Dave Grohl came out with Foo Fighters I was not terribly enticed to check them out. But ‘One By One’ seems to have come in at a perfect time for me: this year’s Grammys presented their track “Times Like These” in a totally different light, alongside jazz piano legend Chick Corea, and that alone struck a chord with me. ‘One by One’ is a solid production that reminds of Pearl Jam at their best moment (during their album ‘Ten’), and quite surpassing their contemporaries from Audioslave. Probably the best thing is that they show a mature sound; they don’t continue to limp obsessively within the realm of grunge (or post-grunge, whatever that is): Dave’s voice along with a strong guitar, bass and drums works is “music” to my ears! So good to hear such good rock still been produced. It doesn’t have one bland moment, which makes it very tough to pick a favorite track.With pictures of the band members that will remind you of the style of U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ or Depeche Mode’s most recent albums (thanks to A. Corbjin’s work), this album is highly recommendad for those who rejoice in good music, regardless of the length of your hair or the size of your musical collection.

    Posted on March 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If anyone ever comes up to you and says that the Foo Fighters’ newest album, One By One, rocks, slap them and say, “That’s an understatement you heathen.” To say the this cd rocks doesn’t do it justice. You would think with extrordinary albums like “The Colour and The Shape” and “There is Nothing Left To Loose” that it couldn’t get any better. You’re thinking wrong. As soon as you pop in 1X1 you’re blown out of your mind. Listening to the first song, “All My Life”, is like watching the most intense suspense film you can find. The tension builds up in the verses and throws you around like a football at a 49er’s game in the chorus. But it doesn’t stop there. you might have to sit down to indure the intense guitar face-off in the next track “Low.” But all this rocking isn’t in vein. They throw in great ballads like the soothing “Tired of You” and the harmonious “Lonely as You” that takes a turn from a warm ballad to a loud screaming power tune. One of the highlights of this cd is the exit track. It starts with a Bush-esque guitar riff then takes you into a fullfledged Foo melody. Then when you think the song is over it comes back, then back again, better each time. The cd is a beautiful mix of drummer Taylor Hawkin’s vibrant and vigorous drums, bassist Nate Mendel’s fulfilling and tentalizing bass, guitarists Chris Shiflett and Dave Grohl’s evocative and zealous guitars, that blend perfectly with Grohl’s at times soothing voice and at other times his powerful screaming that doens’t take it to far and doesn’t let him off as a sissy screamer. One By One may be the best album of the year. In an interview drummer Hawkins said, “We’re not trying to save rock ‘n’ roll. We’re leaving that to Scott Weiland.” When you don’t try is when you accidently succeed in something you’re not trying to do. 9.5/10 Highlights: “All My Life” “Lonely As You” “Tired of You” “Disenchanted Lullabye” “Comeback”

    Posted on March 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Now that the Foo Fighters line-up has stabilized as a nice equitable four-piece, this album presents a real group effort and is not just the work of Dave Grohl, although he has always been a strong songwriter. This is by far the strongest Foo Fighters album simply because it is a collective effort by a strong and stable band. Now that most of post-grunge has become a joke, it’s great to see the masters of the form continue to develop their sound in their own way and rise above the imitators. With a combination of the best drama and emotion of grunge, and some more up-to-date elements of metal and mainstream rock, a bold and mature new sound has developed. This album starts out with the incredible “All My Life” which features a truly powerful and moving finale, and most of the rest of the album keeps the magic alive with little difficulty. More winners include the dramatic “Lonely As You,” the punishing guitar workout “Low,” and the unique drumless “Tired of You.” Move over Puddle of Creed, and learn from the masters.

    Posted on March 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The Foo Fighters are one of the most consistent bands around. Each of their CD’s have been remarkably good, and this continues with One by One. The first thing I noticed is that this CD is a lot heavier than Nothing Left to Lose. The band utilizes more electric guitar and distortion, while maintaining the pop-feel that can be found on their last effort. The CD’s sound is most on par with their first effort, but the songs themselves are definately reminiscent of their previous work. Each song is very catchy and could easily find their way to radio stations (not that this thought is a good thing). Songs that really stand out include “Times Like These”, “Halo”, “Have it All” and “Low”. Lyrically, it is their best work. On a whole, I would say it probably is a little behind Nothing Left to Lose, which is my favorite album of theirs. If you enjoyed the catchiness of their last album with a heavier tone, you will love One by One. A terrific album that has great replay value. Pick it up as soon as you can, Foo Fighter fan or not.

    Posted on March 4, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now