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  • Now that the Foo Fighters line-up has stabilized as a nice equitable four-piece, this album presents a real group effort and is not just the work of Dave Grohl, although he has always been a strong songwriter. This is by far the strongest Foo Fighters album simply because it is a collective effort by a strong and stable band. Now that most of post-grunge has become a joke, it’s great to see the masters of the form continue to develop their sound in their own way and rise above the imitators. With a combination of the best drama and emotion of grunge, and some more up-to-date elements of metal and mainstream rock, a bold and mature new sound has developed. This album starts out with the incredible “All My Life” which features a truly powerful and moving finale, and most of the rest of the album keeps the magic alive with little difficulty. More winners include the dramatic “Lonely As You,” the punishing guitar workout “Low,” and the unique drumless “Tired of You.” Move over Puddle of Creed, and learn from the masters.

    Posted on March 4, 2010