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One by One

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  • I guess I was never much of a fan of Nirvana, in spite of having come out of college at about the time that they were at the peak of their fame, so back when Dave Grohl came out with Foo Fighters I was not terribly enticed to check them out. But ‘One By One’ seems to have come in at a perfect time for me: this year’s Grammys presented their track “Times Like These” in a totally different light, alongside jazz piano legend Chick Corea, and that alone struck a chord with me. ‘One by One’ is a solid production that reminds of Pearl Jam at their best moment (during their album ‘Ten’), and quite surpassing their contemporaries from Audioslave. Probably the best thing is that they show a mature sound; they don’t continue to limp obsessively within the realm of grunge (or post-grunge, whatever that is): Dave’s voice along with a strong guitar, bass and drums works is “music” to my ears! So good to hear such good rock still been produced. It doesn’t have one bland moment, which makes it very tough to pick a favorite track.With pictures of the band members that will remind you of the style of U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ or Depeche Mode’s most recent albums (thanks to A. Corbjin’s work), this album is highly recommendad for those who rejoice in good music, regardless of the length of your hair or the size of your musical collection.

    Posted on March 4, 2010