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  • Out of the four Foo albums, this is by far the heaviest of the lot. Not reallt heavy metal, it’s kinda a mix between grunge, metal, pop and soft rock. Also, the lyrics seem to be a lot deeper this time and interesting and the guitar playing is a bit more advanced than the other albums. The songs are:

    1. All my life: The most popular from the album. It starts off with a dark quiet intro, but then bursts out into a heavy song. Some screaming at the end too which makes it sound cool. 10/10
    2. Low: I feel this song has to grow on you. It’s kinda grungy, with fuzzy guitar riffs. In time you will get to love this song. 10/10
    3. Have it all: This is similar to “Low”, it also grows on you. Again, sort of like grunge. 9/10
    4. Time like these: Another polular track. A bit more softer than the last three, but still catchy and more pop-like. Dave sings very softly until the end, when he starts to yell it out and it gives the song a good ending. 10/10
    5. Dissenchanted lullaby: I just never have been able to get into this song. The chorus is highly annoying, with Dave almost screaming, when it is quite a softer song. 6/10
    6. Tired of you: By far the darkest song on the album. The song is palm-muted (if you know what I mean) on the guitar, all the way through the song. Again, it’s kinda quiet but it can be quite scary to listen to. I like it. 8/10
    7. Halo: A bit more catchy, but one of the more mellow tracks. It’s pretty soft in the verses but the chorus picks up. 10/10
    8. Lonely as you: This song starts off slow, but it soon gets a bit heavier. A lot like “Dissenchanted lullaby” but ten times better. Thjis song is easy to sing along to. 9/10
    9. Overdrive: Probabaly the most poppy song on the album. It sounds like it could have been on their 1999 “There is nothing left to lose” album. The solo sounds like a keyboard. A cool, fun pop-rock track. 10/10
    10. Burn away: Underrated. One of my favourites of the album. There is just something about the chorus I love. It’s sort of like an intersting grunge song, but a bit different. 10/10
    11. Come back: Good closer. A 7-minute epic song. It starts off as a heavy electric song, then goes into two acoustics guitars playing two solo riffs, then it goeds back to electric. Great album closer. 10/10

    This is the Foo’s worst album in my oponion, but I still love it. If you want something like Nirvana, or something a bit heavier than pop-rock try this. Or if you want the foo’s other heavy album, get “the colour and the shape”. But I think all their albums are great.

    Posted on March 4, 2010