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One Crimson Night

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  • I got into Hammerfall about two years ago, and I still love them. sure, the song material is a bit funny, but it’s way more interesting than most stuff out there right now. this is, essentially, their “Greatest Hits” done live in Sweden (with 3 bonus tracks from 2 other tours). the two solos (Stefan and Magnus) are decent lead-ins, and I love the way the band goes seamlessly from song to song, despite the differences of each album (ie following up Riders of the Storm with Heeding the Call with Stone Cold with Hero’s Return…)highlights: Legacy of Kings, Stone Cold, Crimson Thunder, Dragon Lies Bleeding, Heeding the Call, Templars of Steel.minor complaint: one of my favorite songs, Hearts on Fire, is played too fast. it loses the awesomeness when they blaze through it. a few other songs are like this.also, get used to hearing Joacim talk to the audience…in Swedish. it’s weird, but cool, and besides, who cares? it’s great metal in any language! although I must admit, hearing random Swedish words punctuated by “(album name)”, “Hammerfall”, and “heavy metal!” is hilarious.I’d recommend this to anyone who has any interest in Hammerfall or metal whatsoever. get the bonus version! it’s 2 hours of music you won’t regret.

    Posted on November 17, 2009