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One Crimson Night

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  • Ahhh, Hammerfall. Depending on where you stand, Hammerfall are either metal’s saviors or biggest joke. Like it or not, Hammerfall are a full-blown international metal act. This double live disc features a balanced selection of tracks from all their albums and damn do Hammerfall have a great live sound. Their current line up has been together for a few years now, and it shows in the tightness of the band. Joacim Cans’ voice is surprisingly good live (I think he sounds better than on the studio albums), and the guitars and drums are right on. The production and mix are perfect too, with each instrument achieving equal prominence. Aside from the right-awful bass solo, this album is perfect for the die-hard and newcomer alike. ‘Steel Meets Steel’, ‘Let the Hammer Fall’, and ‘Glory to the Brave’ resonate with life not found on the studio versions and newer selections like ‘Riders of the Storm’ and ‘Hearts on Fire’ are sure to get one’s fist in the air and their head bobbing around. One small gripe: since the show was recorded in their native Sweden (save the last three songs), unless you speak Swedish, you can’t tell what he’s saying between songs (most likely the same rhetoric as everyone else). Nice artwork and packaging round out this release. This is an album that can be listened to start to finish without feeling bored, due to the order of the songs. If you enjoyed Edguy’s or Blind Guardian’s recent live albums, this should also be in your collection. Bonus points to Hammerfall for including ‘The Dragon Lies Bleeding’ as one of the ‘extra’ three songs from Mexico. Templars of steel indeed!!

    Posted on November 17, 2009