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One Kill Wonder

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Recently unearthed limited edition pressing of the Swedish Metal band’s third album, originally released in 2002, comes in a sturdy clam box containing six art cards. The Haunted features former members of the seminal At The Gates. Relentlessly brutal and fast without sacrificing melody, the band’s sound combines Death and Thrash Metal with concise songwriting and the commercial accessibility of bands such as Metallica. One Kill Wonder was the follow-up to their 2000 release The Haunted Made Me Do It, which is considered a modern Metal classic. Earache.

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  • The Haunted redefined the words “Heavy Metal” with this album. They took their sound a little further to create a storm of metal, with a strenghtened sound (guitars and drums) and killer riffing. Thrash metal, death metal? Who cares?. The band delivered a great album, with the typical fast and furious The Haunted songs and left some room for some experimentation as well. “One Kill Wonder” is more death metal than the thrashy selftitled debut album, with a blasting production and Marco Aro’s intense growling. I prefer Peter Dolving, their original singer, who gave the band a more thrashier approach.

    Overall, with the drumming, the guitar riffing, proper melodies and cool solos, The Haunted created a violent album, but clear, polished, sounding fresh and innovative at the same time (which is hard in a genre where almost everything seems to be invented) , and , to my opinion, an album totally worth listening to, if you’re into tharsh, death, speed or any kinds of metal. Personally I had some At The Gates’ memories with songs such as “One Kill Wonder” or “Sh+thead”, but their ATG’ past is a burden that the Bjorler bros will have to carry forever. The album has lots of highlights such as the before mentioned, and songs like “Shadow World”, which is 100% speed metal and a song that’ll make you shake your head, or the slow “Bloodletting”, with a punishing solo and riffing.

    If you want to listen to some of the best heavy metal, The Haunted is probably one of the best offers nowadays. Play it loud and enjoy the fury of The Haunted.

    ps: Try to get the edition with bonus material, that features 3 extra songs, like my favorite “Ritual”, and a Candlemass cover “Well of souls”, different from the usual The Haunted stuff. If I was you, I’d purchase this edition with bonus.

    Posted on February 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now