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One Live Night

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  • Though the production quality is somewhat cut-rate (all of it is shot on video, not film) and the graphic effects are at times amateurish (what’s with those horrible backgrounds during the interviews?), this DVD remains a steal for Dokken fans. With a running time of a little over an hour, it costs less than either the VHS or even the CD version of “One Live Night”! A quasi-unplugged show (George Lynch weilds a Strat through most of it), this stripped-down concert reveals how much musical talent these guys have. Drummer Mick Brown sings “Tooth and Nail,” bassist Jeff Pilson sings “Just Got Lucky” (with Don Dokken on bass!) and Lynch turns in a spectacular performance on the instrumental “I Will Remember.” A cover of “Nowhere Man” showcases some of the best harmonies in rock n’ roll! (I do hope Don Dokken has quit smoking, though–it can’t do his voice any good.) One question: why didn’t any songs from “Back For the Attack” get the stripped-down treatment? “Heaven Sent” could have been great! This is an opportunity to look in on the classic Dokken during the “honeymoon period” soon after their 1995 reunion. (The are a lot of laughs in the frequent non-performance clips.) Too bad it didn’t last.A good combination of music and behind-the-scenes fun, “One Live Night” is nice companion to Dokken’s 1986 “Unchain the Night” home video!

    Posted on January 2, 2010