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One Live Night

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  • This album was released after bands like Alice In Chains and Nirvana had earned great success with thie unplugged efforts. Dokken’s stab at unplugged success is no less impressive. It’s interesting to hear some of their 80’s releases in a new light. Songs from the 80’s like “Into The Fire”, “Unchain The Night”, “Tooth and Nail” and “In My Dreams” are masterfully arranged and translate well acoustically. Dokken also includes several songs from their Dysfunctional album such as “The Maze” and “Nothing Left to Say”. These songs are not only show off Dokken’s naturally rich vocal harmonies but also show off their song writing talents. Their cover of the Beatle song “Nowhere Man” is a perfect demonstration of Dokken’s talent and underrated versatility. One Live Night also inlcudes a version of the early Dokken classic “Alone Again” with piano. This is a masterful piece of music and in itself might be worth the price of the album. In fact,moat of the songs on this album are a far cry better than the original versions. Those who were Dokken fans in the 80’s may be a little put off by the lack of power chords and patented 80’s screams. Yes, the 80’s gloss is missing from these songs but what is left in place of it is pure creativity and talent. This is one of the best “unplugged” albums that I’ve had the honor of experiencing. This is one of their best albums.

    Posted on January 2, 2010