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One Tree Hill - Music from the Television Series, Vol. 2: Friends with Benefit

One Tree Hill - Music from the Television Series, Vol. 2: Friends with Benefit thumbnail

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  • 1. Feeling A Moment – Feeder : A great starting track for the soundtrack I really liked it.
    2. The Mixed Tape – Jack’s Mannequin : I really got into this song its an excellent track and now one of my favorite songs.
    3. Be Yourself – Audioslave : I never thought I would like Audioslave but this is a great track.
    4. Always Love – Nada Surf : I got into Nada Surf thanks to OTH I heard them on the show and mentioned on Peyton’s Podcast so I bought the cd and this (in my personal opinion) is their best song.
    5. Jealous Guy – Gavin DeGraw : Personally i’m not a big Gavin fan but it’s an okay song.
    6. Son’s Gonna Rise – Citizen Cope : I really like this song I’ve heard it many times but wasn’t sure who it was. This is another good (not excellent) song on the CD.
    7. Middle of Nowhere – Hot Hot Heat : I don’t like Hot Hot Heat but this shows that the OTH producers know how to choose music because I actually like this song.
    8. Missing You – Tyler Hilton : This song is just a great song but not as good as his duet with with Bethany Joy Lenz on the first cd.
    9. Light Years Away – Mozella : A very calming song it relaxes me very much.
    10. Please Please Please – Shout Out Louds : AN okay song I don’t personally like it much but I know some people who do.
    11. I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea… – Fall Out Boy : A good song but I thnk that instead of this they should’ve put Dance, Dance since it was performed on the Halloween episode of the show.
    12. 23 – Jimmy Eat World Listen Listen : This song is pretty long but it’s a nice song.
    13. Halo – Haley James Scott : THIS SONG!!! It’s the BEST song on the whole cd and I constantly am listening to it but it is great how on the show she recorded the song and they put it on the cd.
    14. Coffee & Cigarettes – Michelle Featherstone : Good Song..All I have to say.
    15. For Blue Skies – Strays Don’t Sleep : This si a great song but sort of sad in a way (not like bad but literally sad).
    + I bought my copy off of iTunes and it came with an extra acoustic version of Tyler Hilton’s song “Missing You”
    I’m also planning on buying it again jsut to support the cause it helping and because the case is pretty nice ;D. Well overall this is an excellent cd and I reccomend it to everyone specially fans of the show. IT is great how OTH does thsi type of thing specially since the cd was jsut made on the show and in real life. 5 Stars. Hope this helped! -MAC

    Posted on November 24, 2009