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One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001

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  • Bon Jovi live on a CD? Well of course! This band finally has given its fans an experience to enjoy the concert expectation without the hassle of lining up for tickets, finding some place to park and then struggling to get the best seat in the house. Music and energy even your best stereo system can learn to appreciate. Songs compiled in a fashionable manner, delivered in custom taste and presented with all best intentions. Myself, typically more a devotee for a band’s studio recordings, this album proves the rare exception. For now, let’s forget endless greatest hit compilations and take time to delve into the wild and rockin’ music of the live concert. After hearing this diamond disc would anyone dare care to see any concert show again? No sense needing to go hear music that lasts for one night and ends only with a terrible hangover late into the next morning with some bruised left shoulder adding to the pain and discomfort. Instead, why not take your favorite gal (or guy) and make out by a cracklin’ fire with champagne bubbling between your lips while imagining your favorite rock band has made a special effort to perform live at your abode especially for you? Perfect example of how both technology and musicians’ awareness can perpetrate the live show straight to your home or portable CD player without making ya feel like you’re just some other bumped head in a crowd.

    Posted on January 21, 2010