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  • With their second release, Three Days Grace prove that they will be a force to be reckoned with on the charts for some time. They are really a band for the masses, combining a harder alternative metal sound with memorable riffs and hooks, appealing to fans of harder rock as well as listeners who may be turned off by other metal bands. Adam Gontier’s vocal is amazing here as usual, strident but always maintaining clarity. The production is polished, and there are at least five or six radio-ready tracks.

    There really aren’t any bad tracks here. A few I thought were merely average (“It’s All Over”, “Time Of Dying”, “Gone Forever”), but these are balanced by the very good tracks (“Animal I Have Become”, “Never Too Late”, “Let It Die”, “Over And Over”).

    None of this album would really be considered ground-breaking or innovative. However, that doesn’t mean it is not an enjoyable listen for just about any rock fan.

    Posted on December 19, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Three Days Grace took their sweet time compiling a blistering sophomore effort, an album that not only meets the standards set by their debut but surpasses them and delivers a solid album than truly proves the weight of a band that has grown musically and lyrically. `One X’ is an extremely strong album, one that should keep their fans happy for quite some time.

    Starting things off with the in-your-face track `It’s All Over’, Three Days Grace doesn’t waste anytime getting to the brute force that made `I Hate Everything About You’ such a blockbuster success. The second track, `Pain’, has a very different feel to it, and it took me a while to get into it but the diluted sound to the verses is actually really cool. The first single off the album, `Animal I Have Become’, follows in the same vein and delivers a brilliant rock track, and it’s probably an even better single than `I Hate Everything About You’, it’s catchy, it’s strong and it’s relatable…a true anthem for the youth of today. Another blistering track is `Riot’ which makes me just want to scream along “Let’s start a riot!” every time I hear this song. The closing track `One X’ is one of those tracks that tries to be inspirational with the chanting “we stand above the crowd” and it actually pulls it off quite well. A great way to close out the album.

    But heavy anthems and blistering guitar work is not all this band has to offer. Some of the best tracks on this album are stripped down and simpler than that. `Never Too Late’ is the first track on the album that capitalizes on the finger picking acoustic sound, and the lyrics about fighting against the impulse of suicide carries a strong message. `Get Out Alive’ is one of my favorite songs on this album. The song is about relying in yourself and not leaving your life in others hands. It’s a very strong song with a very deep message for those who want to find it. `Over & Over’ is another song that I really like, using the strings to give it a unique sound as they sing about another broken relationship. But when it comes to relationship songs, one of the best here is `Gone Forever’ which switches from soft and simple to heavy and strong. Great all around track.

    So as you can see Three Days Grace has delivered a top of the line album that makes good for the time they spent working on it. We’ve been waiting three years for them to grace us with their presence again, and it was well worth the wait. It’s nice to see a band you like become a band you absolutely love. Great work guys.

    Posted on December 18, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I like this cd, normally I listen to extreme metal, but this is really good. The songs are pretty heavy and melodic, I heard Pain on the radio and it was really cool. Good songs and music style

    Posted on December 18, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • It’s been about three years since Three Days Grace last “graced” us with their debut album, an album which went on to spawn several hits such as “Just Like You” and “I Hate Everything About You.” Despite it’s cliches, it was still a solid album, and a worhty breakthrough. I always figured that on their next album, Three Days Grace would only get better — and I was right. “One-X” is their second full-length album, and improves on every aspect. From the musicianship to the songwriting and the production, everything here is much more professional, more thought-out and most importantly, just better.

    “One-X” is the kind of album a busy band on the road comes up with on their second effort. You’ve heard it all before, about the lonely road, the faceless people, the alcohol/drug abuse. These bases are most definitely covered here. The lead-off single “Animal I Have Become” — a song about becoming the victim of your vices — is the shining example. Despite the dark nature of the album and particular songs like “Pain” and “It’s All Over,” the album has quite a few bright spots, which the first album was especially lacking. “Time Of Dying” proudly proclaims “I will not die, I will survive” and likewise, softer tracks like “Never Too Late” and “On My Own” reinforce this message. However, my favorite song on the album is the obligatory anthem, “Riot.” Built off of an old-school sounding metal riff, I could definitely see this song taking off as the next hit.

    All in all, every song is a hit, really. I will definitely go as far as to say that this is better than the first album. “One-X” simply doesn’t disappoint. For the fans of the debut, there is plenty of material on here that holds up. For those hoping to see some growth, Three Days Grace surely grow. Without a single weak link, “One-X” is just a perfect second album.

    Posted on December 18, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I was driving to an electronic store to get my camera fixed. On the way, I hear a comercial on the radio for this CD. I hear that one of its tracks is “Animal I have Become”, which I have heard before and loved. While I was at the store, I decided to check the CD out. Most of the time, I buy CDs for just one of its songs, so I decided to buy it while I was there. Although I mainly only bought it for “Animal I have become”, I decided to check all the other songs first. As soon as I heard the, I loved them. I only got the CD 2 days ago and I have heard every track almost 10 times.
    1. It’s All Over 5/5- A great opening song. Really powerful and moving.
    2. Pain 4.5/5- good song, it does take a few moments before the song really kicks in.
    3. Animal I Have Become- Awesome track. Very catchy tune and lyrics. Buy the CD for this song.
    4. Never too Late 5/5. Another great powerful moving song. It is something I myself can relate to and others guys I know.
    5. On My Own 4/5- Althoug its is one of the my lesser favorites, I still enjoy listing to it.
    6. Riot 4.5/5- Very catchy and loud. This sing really kicks in quickly.
    7. Get out alive 4.5/5- a little slow but still a really awesome song.
    8. Let it Die 5/5- Another very powerful moving song. This song helps me connects with real issues I have experienced.
    9. Over and Over 5/5- Another great memorable song. One of my favorites.
    10. Time of Dying 5/5- I feel like crying when I hear this song. It really does help me remember a time in my lie when I needed help. Very powerful.
    11. Gone Forever 4/5- A little slow but still good.
    12. One-X 3.5- My least favorite but still enjoyable.
    This is seriousely one awesome. If you love rock, you’ll this Cd.

    Posted on December 18, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now