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  • I was driving to an electronic store to get my camera fixed. On the way, I hear a comercial on the radio for this CD. I hear that one of its tracks is “Animal I have Become”, which I have heard before and loved. While I was at the store, I decided to check the CD out. Most of the time, I buy CDs for just one of its songs, so I decided to buy it while I was there. Although I mainly only bought it for “Animal I have become”, I decided to check all the other songs first. As soon as I heard the, I loved them. I only got the CD 2 days ago and I have heard every track almost 10 times.
    1. It’s All Over 5/5- A great opening song. Really powerful and moving.
    2. Pain 4.5/5- good song, it does take a few moments before the song really kicks in.
    3. Animal I Have Become- Awesome track. Very catchy tune and lyrics. Buy the CD for this song.
    4. Never too Late 5/5. Another great powerful moving song. It is something I myself can relate to and others guys I know.
    5. On My Own 4/5- Althoug its is one of the my lesser favorites, I still enjoy listing to it.
    6. Riot 4.5/5- Very catchy and loud. This sing really kicks in quickly.
    7. Get out alive 4.5/5- a little slow but still a really awesome song.
    8. Let it Die 5/5- Another very powerful moving song. This song helps me connects with real issues I have experienced.
    9. Over and Over 5/5- Another great memorable song. One of my favorites.
    10. Time of Dying 5/5- I feel like crying when I hear this song. It really does help me remember a time in my lie when I needed help. Very powerful.
    11. Gone Forever 4/5- A little slow but still good.
    12. One-X 3.5- My least favorite but still enjoyable.
    This is seriousely one awesome. If you love rock, you’ll this Cd.

    Posted on December 18, 2009