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Only Theatre of Pain

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  • … In the 80’s it was called Deathrock or Deathpunk. Listening to this album, you’ll hear the punk influence clearly, yet this album is as weird and as experimental as rock & roll gets. Not to mention about as dark. The sounds that come from this disk can be best described as pure depression. From Rozz’s sickening moans, to the bizarre guitar playing of Rick, and of course the gloom drenched lyrics. (Not as blasphemous as people say when you really look at them) …. … Christian Death was a big influence on Mr. Manson and were infinitely cooler than he could ever hope to be. And PLEASE, for the love of heaven DO NOT buy a Christian Death cd without Rozz on vocals! You’ll be supporting someone who stole the name of Rozz Williams’ band and is currently capitalizing on his death. Also try Catastrophe Ballet, Ashes, The Iron Mask, Path Of Sorrows, and Rage Of Angels.

    Posted on November 19, 2009