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Only Theatre of Pain

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  • I couldn’t believe my ears when i heard OTOP! It was kind of weird, but one of the greatest albums i ever heard. i still listen to it all the time. I just can’t get tired of it. Cavity sets the mood for the entire album. And Desperate Hell sounds like a horror movie. One of the things that other Christian Death albums are missing is James McGearty’s basslines! He and drummer George Belanger are the backbone while Rikk Agnew plays the guitar in a way that i never heard before. Then theres the late, great Rozz Williams. He was only 19 years old when this album was released! There are times when his lyrics sound like Anne Rice novels. The bad thing is that he really didn’t know how to sing too well on this album or maybe he was faking it because his voice never stayed the same throughout his career. The original 9 songs are great (Prayer isn’t really a song) and the bonus tracks are great too. Unfortunately, the group disbanded before they could finish a second album. Then Rozz met a guitarist named Valor Kand and they formed the 2nd incarnation of Christian Death. They made 2 albums together and they sounded different (but good) from the original album. In 1985 Rozz decided to end the band and move on, but Valor revived it without Rozz Williams’ permission. Valor went on to destroy Christian Death’s name with several terrible albums. In the early 90’s Rozz Williams decided to take back what was his and formed his own version of the band. Other Christian Death albums i recommend are: Catastrophe Ballet, Ashes, Decomposition Of Violets(live), Invocations(live/rarities. some tracks have bad sound quality), The Iron Mask, Path Of Sorrows, Rage Of Angels, and Iconologia(live/original line up reunion concert). I also recommend the Christian Death Live VHS/DVD.

    Posted on November 19, 2009