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Onward to Golgotha

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  • The debut of Incantation is undeniably their strongest effort, despite how consistent they are throughout the rest of their career. Everything on this album is top-notch and lays waste to all in its path.

    The production is perfect for this musical style. It gives every instrument the sinister edge yet retains rough and dirty. The riffs are extraordinary, ranging from crushing doom style to dissonant and twisted. Craig Pillard’s vocals are low and give the sound of a creature that dwells in the deepest abyss. When it comes to how this is all put together, it flows fluently with the tempo transitions, building up and never losing its steam. The overall wall of sound crafted by “Onward to Golgotha” is a wicked, apocalyptic atmosphere of riffs, and it’s sure to benefit those that are into early 90’s death metal.

    The re-issue of this disc comes with a bonus DVD that has the lineup for this album playing three shows. This album is a classic in the death metal genre and should not be missed out if you like it slow and crushing.

    Posted on November 22, 2009