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Open Up and Say...Ahh!

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  • people think they’re really cool if they hate bands like poison and motley crue but the truth is all the heavy metal bands of the 80’s had something better than these new bands, TALENT! they were more than terrible drums that hardly even follow along with the music, more than some lame guitarriff that any three year old could play no problem,and more than just some horrible out of key singer screaming ditzy lyrics. this album is what rock was supposed to be, Fun! imagine that. some great trax on this on the rocks 8 out of 10 points nuthin but a good time 9.5 back to the rockin horse 7.5 good love 8 tearin down the walls 9.5 look but you can’t touch 8 fallen angel 9 every rose has it’s thorn 10 (great song!) mama don’t dance 8 bad to be good 9very good, if you like good old rock get it!

    Posted on November 23, 2009