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Operation: LIVEcrime

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  • Queensryche for the most part is one of the forgotten bands of the late 80s & early 90s. Known mostly for their “Pink Floyd” like song “Silent Lucidity”. This shouldn’t be the case.The making of the Operation Mindcrime album back in the early 90s stands alone as monument to strong, talented, original, and bold creativity in the music industry. The best “concept” album since “Tommy” by the Who, and the best still.Live Crime captures this “Live”, as if you hadn’t guessed already. Having actually attended the concert I can tell you first hand it’s an incredible show, and the clear translation to the CD is beautiful. The Duet on “Sweet Sister Mary” captures the range of Geof Tate’s incredible vocals, “The Needle Lies” the unmistakeable talent of Eddie Jackson’s Bass skill, Anarchy-X the almost Neil Peart caliber of Scott Rockenfeld’s drumming, and the powerful duo of Michael Wilton & Chris Degarmo resonates throughout the entire album. Not many bands can lay claim to serious & unequivicable talent. Queensryche does. And you can capture that talent for yourself from “Live Crime”.Queensryche is a Heavy Metal band, yes. In a day where Metal has fallen to Punk. But their influence upon the music world will be long standing due greatly to the effect of this album.Give it a try. Dissappointment will be the farthest thing from your mind.

    Posted on February 19, 2010