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Operation: LIVEcrime

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  • For a long time the Holy Grail for Queensryche fans, “Operation: Livecrime” is a live recording of the band’s “Operation: Mindcrime” album, recorded on the “Empire” tour. Out of print for nearly a decade, this reissue was a welcome sight for fans who were long seeking this. Like all the Queensryche reissues (although it was released long prior to it) this one is augmented by bonus tracks.

    The performance itself is a fine reading of the album, if you own the record, you know what to expect (if you don’t, get the studio version right away). In fact, if there’s a complaint to be made, its that it is a nearly note-perfect reading of the record. Sonically, it all sounds quite nice, its a modern live recording though, I really have high standards for these.

    The bonus material is reasonable– “The Lady Wore Black” and “Roads to Madness” live from the same tour.

    In the end, this recording adds very little to the experience of the album, but its worth having for fans.

    Posted on February 19, 2010