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Operation: Mindcrime II

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  • Quite Simply this is the best Ryche album in a very long time, I would venture a guess as far back as EMPIRE in fact, though in my opinion Empire is better. What I think folks fail to realize before they write a review here is that this is a follow up to a brilliant concept album, and with that there is a complex story line that needs to be concluded…so why would it be simple, or easy to get right away….it’s not, first time I heard this album, I was yes…disapointed too, in fact it took about 6-7 spins before it started to grow on me….but, it did grow each and every time.
    And by that 8th time there are only a few songs that I’m not really enjoying, however, no big, there is A LOT of songs on this album….17 if I remember correctly so who cares if a few aren’t all that…???

    There are some amazing tracks on here and it is a great album, it’s just that as classic Ryche fans…we put the original so far up on the rychter scale that anything they would release would be hard pressed to compete!

    Posted on March 1, 2010