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Operation: Mindcrime II

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  • Well I admit that deep down I never really thought that Queensryche would really be able to top the first Mindcrime album, I mean that album is a landmark in hard rock / metal and one that will live forever. Having said that I am suprised in the depth and in some cases intensity of the critisism this album has received. I havent really liked a Queensryche album since Empire, yes I have them all, yes there are some great tracks such as Damaged (one of my faves)and yes the band was always going to change with the general change in musical tastes around that time and the departure of Degarmo. This release surely must be the best since Empire, back to the style that the vast majority of fans loved, with only the occasional hint of that depressive drone that has haunted the last few releases. Granted not every track is a winner, but in general I think this album rocks.

    As with so many bands this album doesnt really capture the new material as it is meant to sound. Last night I had the privelige to see the band live, at last, their first visit to Australia (unbelievable I know)and after travelling about 600 miles to see them in Melbourne. This material really shines live, so much more dynamic and powerfull and sits really well after the O.M 1 material. I’m American just blew me away, what a great song live. I only think that the diehard QR fans might consider giving the new material a chance live, Im glad I did. Geoff Tate sounded great, despite some of the harsh critisism he seems to cop these days and the band rocked. Anyway – just my opinion but if you get the chance, have a listen to the live tour with the two albums sitting together so well.


    Posted on March 1, 2010