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Operation: Mindcrime

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  • I thought I would buy the RE-MASTERED CD and get a better Sonic quality. What I found to my Shock and Horror, is that they introduced so much digital clipping and distortion that I can not stand to listen to this version.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think this is one of THE GREATEST albums ever made in it’s original release.

    I even exchanged the cd for another thinking it was a problem with the disk, but this did not help, as they all have the hidious distortion.

    I tried to contact the record company, but there is no way to get a hold of anyone to let them know someone really screwed up on this album.

    There is Clipping, Sizzling, and clicks that are not in the original release.

    Listen to the beginning of “I don’t believe in Love” and you will hear all kinds of sizzle and crunch. This is all throughout this CD.

    Whom ever Re-mastered this cd should be shot

    Posted on February 12, 2010