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Opeth Box Set

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  • There are a couple of ways to look at this box set. If you’re just getting acquainted with Opeth and are willing to spend some extra bucks to get an in depth review of their best stuff (so far), you can’t go wrong. The price is right and the material is excellent.
    If you’re already a fan, chances are you own everything in the box except the live CDs which are the ones you’re drooling over. If you’re wondering whether the set is worth the price just to get your hands on the live stuff, the answer is yes. If you own the DVD of the same concert, it’s nothing new, but you can put the CDs in your portable or car player and rock on. If you don’t own the DVD and would rather have just a good live album by Opeth, this is the only place you’ll find it. The good news is that each CD is individually sealed, so if you’re inclined to resell whatever CDs might be duplicated with this purchase, chances are this set will cost you less than you think.
    As for the music itself… well, if you’re a fan, you know what you’re getting. The recording quality of the live CDs is very good. My copy doesn’t have any of the buzzing noise some other reviewers have mentioned. The performance, of course, is pure Opeth – passionate, precise, and played with all the intensity you’d expect. Given their production values in the studio, the live versions have a somewhat raw flavor to them. This is entirely a good thing. You can hear them working just a little harder to make up for the overdubs you don’t hear, and the excitement of playing for an appreciative audience is evident. A live album is usually the best measure of what a band has going for them when they can’t hide behind multiple tracks and takes. In this case, what you hear is what they are and that is absolutely AWESOME. Enjoy!

    Posted on March 6, 2010