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Opeth Box Set

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  • I am new to Opeth. I saw this at a local record store, and noticed that it included from what I have read some of their best work. It was only 35 dollers so I picked it up. Three of the cds in this set retailed at the same store for 17 dollers and the fourth cd, which is of the band live is only availible in this box set. The live cd however, as most people have stated has an annoying buzzing sound. It is not that bad. Overall the band is great. The heavier stuff is better, but the softer stuff is starting to grow on me. The four cds included are Blackwater Park, Deliverance(My Favorite), Damnation(Accustic), and Lamanatioins (Live). I reccommend this to any new listner of Opeth. It is a great cheap way to get ahold of what many consider their best material.

    Posted on March 7, 2010