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Opeth Box Set

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  • For new fans of Opeth this is certainly a good start. This box shows just how varied the music of Opeth is.

    You get the fan favourite `Blackwater Park’ (at least it’s my favourite Opeth album as well as one of my favourites all time!), with several tracks appearing often in their live sets, e.g. `The Drapery Falls’, `Bleak’. This album is Opeth in a nutshell, it shows the band both fom their rough and soft sides.

    The more mellow album `Damnation’ shows Opeth from their softest side. An album which focuses entirely on melodic and emotional songs, often in a slower tempo than on their other albums. This is an important side of Opeth that you can also hear on all of their other albums, although this one doesn’t have any distorted, heavy guitars, no growling and no long, epic 10-minute tracks.

    `Deliverance’ is kind of like the opposite of Damnation and contains some of Opeth’s most brutal songs, like `Master’s Apprentices’ and `Deliverance’, although you also get more mellow tracks here as well, like `A Fair Judgement’.

    For those of you who already have these three albums (like me) this box set isn’t a waste of space, and a waste of money anyway because of the last album, `Lamentations’. At least not if you love hearing live versions of the songs you already have heard hundreds of times. Sure, you can get this one on DVD, but if you’re like me, and like to listen to the music, but don’t want to get stuck in front of your tv/computer every time you want to hear these songs, I prefer the cd version, which is only available in this box set. The technical brilliance of the band which can be heard on their studio albums can surely be heard on this live recording. They play with a lot of energy and the sound is perfect!

    So, if you’re a new listener and feel like buying three or four new Opeth albums, this is a good start.
    If you already have the albums and the `Lamentations’ DVD, and you’re satisfied with that – don’t buy this box set. There is no difference on the albums in this box set from the ones you can buy separately.

    Posted on March 7, 2010