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Opiate Ep

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  • The guy who said that everybody and their dog likes Tool, you have to realize that isn’t a bad thing. This is no fad like “Korn” or “Limp Bizkit”. It is just that everyone knows how unbelievable and mind-expanding this band is. As I have said in my other Tool reviews, it is hard to choose between the 3 cd’s. In fact, it is impossible, because they are each great for their own reasons. This album, the 6-song EP released in ‘92, is a compilation of what Maynard says were their “heaviest” songs at the time. Anyways, give this CD a listen if you already have Aenima and Undertow…this was the first Tool CD I bought, and I still love it even more than on the day I bought it. All the songs are great, but “Opiate” and “Jerk-Off” are my personal favorites…I have never seen Tool in concert, but I am hoping that if I do, they will finish the show with “Jerk-Off”…that would be great.

    Posted on January 10, 2010