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  • Opiate, though only a 7 song EP, remains one of my favorite CDs of all time as well as a great masterpiece of music that few people know about. This album is able to show all of Tool’s raw power through only a few songs. The overall theme of the CD seems to be focused on a religious viewpoint, discussing individuals who use religion as a crutch and blindly follow it with no question, allowing others to interpret the religion for them.The CD begins with “Sweat”, which reflects Tool’s power in a significant way and is on the level with all of their singles. It then moves into “Hush”, a song discussing censorship of music, and the singer’s views on the subject. It’s a song that manages humor and seriousness all at once. Track 3 “Part Of Me” takes hard rock to a completely new level that only Tool can do, as the song is great and full of energy.This EP also contains 2 live tracks; “Cold And Ugly” and “Jerk-Off”. Both display Tool’s awesome live performance skills. The band is so on-key and tuned in both performances that both sound as if they were recorded in a studio. Both are full of power and emotion and keep the album flowing. The album’s closing track “Opiate” brings the religious theme of the album into full perspective, from both a sarcastic and serious point of view. Following is the hidden track “The Gaping Lotus Experience”, a humorous song about experience with drugs.To sum it all up, if you’re a fan of very hard rock with a meaning behind it, and are open-minded and thoughtful about your music, check this out. This is an album not to be missed. Also be sure to look into Tool’s other 2 releases “Undertow” and “AEnima”, both equally amazing.

    Posted on November 24, 2009