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  • I just had the pleasure of seeing Kittie play half of this album along with most off of “Spit” a week before I picked it up. And I must say that it is better than I thought it would be. They call them a “Metal” band for a reason and this album is proof positive why. It’s got angst, anger, gutteral growls, and prime metal melodic tension dripping on all sides. For a good portion of “Oracle” has a raw metal about the same skill level of Soulfly and Ill Nino. I must admit, despite the focus on Morgan’s screams on “Oracle”; my favorite tracks are “In Winter”, “Run Like Hell”, “Pain”, & the albums first single: “What I always Wanted”. On these tracks the sounds have more variety to them that break up the throat aching screams that make up most of the album (don’t get me wrong I love these too), “Wolves”, “No Name” & the albums title track “Oracle”. I even love the final track to the disc which is called “Pink Lemonade” which takes on a slow, beautiful yet LOUD Melvins-like ambiance — which I think more bands need to do — an excellent way to close off a collage of words & sounds from Kittie. In conslusion, if you have the taste for something Metal with a bit of melody, pick up ‘Oracle’… You won’t be disapointed.

    Posted on November 9, 2009