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  • As a fan of pure black and death metal I can tell you one thing, Kittie has gone far beyond the reaches of that all girl hardcore nu-metal outfit that I have grown to love, they have progressed to a level where most bands only dream of reaching. They have successfully mixed neo-metallic ideas, a both very etherial and brutal vocal apporach, a strong death metal edge, hardcore / metalcore riffing, and a slight gothic sound. ‘Oracle’ is starkly different than their Artemis debut ‘Spit’. With ‘Oracle’ they have lost all of their nu-metal sound, but still retained the freshness and melody that came with it.Comparisons to bands such as KoRn and Slipknot are no longer appropriate when describing Kittie. Durring the aggressive portions of the album, it has more of an early Soilwork (pre-’A Preditor’s Portrait’) type feel to it, or a definite Lamb of God reference (the song “No Name” sounds so much like “Black Label” its scary, but it still retains its own identity), and a references to early Dismember and Death can be found on the album’s opener “Oracle” and on “Mouthful of Poison”. During the more melodic parts of the album, it sounds like a more etherial type vibe, he ll maybe even Sigur Ros influenced. But, again, unlike ‘Spit’, Morgan Lander’s (vocals / guitars) voice has a beautiful, melodic quality to it, and her scream has been fined tune (references to the great Arch Enemy are pointless, she sounds almost nothing like Angela Gossow). The standout tracks on the album are “In Winter”, “What I Always Wanted”, “No Name”, and “Run Like Hell” (one of the few times that a band has ever covered Pink Floyd and done them justice).This album goes beyond moth-goths who think ‘Hot Topic’ is what it means to be metal, it is a strong death metal insprired album that keeps one he ll of a melodic through out. But do remember inspired is the keyword here, Kittie in no way sounds like Vomitory or Immolation, but it is still just as good. Not since Tool has such a great band been accepted into the mainstream. Kittie’s sophmore album ‘Oracle’ is definitely once for the ages, and is definitely one of my favorite albums.

    Posted on November 10, 2009