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  • “Spit” was a good album, but it was rather annoying and had truly awful production. I just didn’t think they could possibly outdo it, especially given the news that Fallon (guitarist/back-up vocals) had left the group. Well, I was dead wrong. Not only did Kittie outdo themselves 700 times over, they went borderline death metal on us (similar to Slipknot’s “Iowa” that year). The sloppiness “Spit” maintained is gone as well as the raw musicianship. Morgan Lander is by far the best female singer ever. Instead of that annoying 11-year-old girl scream, she uses dry-lung vocal-distortion (an incredibly loud death metal growl). She can really sing too (“Safe” “In Winter”). I love her. Can’t wait to see if her voice develops any more. As for guitar-riffs, they are no doubt the heaviest ever. I always found it amazing that Fear Factory could sound so heavy with just one guitarist, but since Morgan also does vocals this is more amazing. Her Meshuggah-style-riffs attack you like a dozen angry werewolves. You need only check out songs like “Mouthful Of Poison” “Severed” and “No Name” to understand. How she can play like this and sing at the same time is quite amazing as well. Talena (although I’m not sure she’s even in the band anymore) is the heard loud and clear. Her bass can be mistaken for the drums though. Check out the intro to “Severed”.Mercedes Lander is a great drummer, but she isn’t quite as good as she was on “Spit”. She noticeably uses double-bass drums more often though. The music is so heavy at times that it hurts, and who else can pull that off better. “Mouthful Of Poison” has got to one of the loudest songs I’ve ever heard. It is true that most of the other songs have the same sound to it as well, but it is so intense it can’t bother you. There is also lots of melody in it, so you can’t use that sissy comment “All they do is scream,” at all. Plus, they experiment well. “Run Like Hell” is by far the best cover song I’ve ever heard, although it doesn’t exactly fit with the rest of the album. Just read the lyrics from the original and check out the vocals and understand. Plus, “Safe” has a 3-minute piano interlude giving it a creepy vibe. Remember the organ-instrumental “Immortal” from “Spit”? Well, they need to try something else. The track gets really heavy at the end when the crashing guitars hammer you down. Pure innovation. People may be turned off by its extremely soft approach, but you need to just wait for things to develop.The two main standouts on the album are “In Winter” and the 10-minute-plus sludgefest “Pink Lemonade”. “In Winter” has the same type of sound as “Charlotte”, just heavier and with hella better screams. It doesn’t capture the same haunting melody as “Charlotte” did however, but no less great. “Pink Lemonade” is the haunting, quite underrated closer. It takes time to develop, but it’s slow, smashing guitar-riffs make you wish all metal albums would end this good. Yeah, people have been put off by its length and slow speed, but I completely disagree.I love this band to death and I will stand by them until they are gone. This is the real deal folks. You tell me Pantera or Vixen is heavier, I die laughing (no offense to Pantera. NONE!!). This is the heaviest release of 2001 along with Slayer’s “God Hates Us All” and Slipknot’s “Iowa”. Please check this masterpiece a look. It’s beyond worth it. peace…Standouts: Everyone of them, aforementioned the most worthy of title.

    Posted on November 10, 2009