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  • At first I was not sure what to expect from Fleshgod Appcalypse, a death metal band that mixes classical elements with sheer brutality. I’ve always enjoyed Yngwie and Stratovarius, but I wasn’t sure how these two styles would mix. I couldn’t be more impressed with the result. Fleshgod is first and foremost a death metal band at the top of their game. If I had to compare them to anyone, I would say Deicide, but Fleshgod are more than capable of carving their own path. The classical music elements are definitely present, both in piano and vocal interludes as well as the scales used during the actual songs, but they only enhance the overall effect of the music. If you are even slightly considering purchasing this album, I say go for it. If you like death metal, you won’t be disappointed.

    Posted on December 29, 2009