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  • con este disco motorhead demostro ke hacer rocknarol fuerte y rapido durante los 80s era posible… el sonido es bastante bueno, la pesadez del bajo distorsionado de kilmister marca el paso de este disco ke a mi gusto esta dentro del “top 5″ de la banda

    el disco 2 es un poco innecesario, salvo las primeras canciones (steal your face, on the road) el resto no vale la pena, el concierto en vivo no esta bien mezclado, la voz de lemmy es demasiado baja.

    esta pieza es inevitable, y es el mejor disco (junto al 1916) de la segunda epoca de la banda…

    nothing up my sleeve baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on January 9, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Very heavy hard-driving well produced album. You either love Motorhead or you hate ‘em. This was released during the time when Metal was really starting to take off and get popular. Band leader Lemmy went with two guitars to give Motorhead a fuller sound. They were always a three piece before, and they are again. Guitarist Phil Campell is still with the band, and they still can crank out their trademark “Frieght Train Comin’ Down The Tracks” riffs. I will say that Motorhead is now a much tighter heavier all around better than ever musical experience, but this album was a true classic, as they all are. Anything Motorhead’s ever done is worth a listen.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I recently purchased this monster Orgasmatron Motorhead heavy metal album.
    I already had this album, but I purchased another one because it’s a masterpiece.
    When you listen carefully to any Motorhead song, you become a Motorhead fan and admirer.

    The title track “Orgasmatron” is a legend of a song, a classical. It’s an amazing creation from a few great men, but the one song that stands out more than any, is Orgasmatron. The chorus to this is outstanding. The bass riffs, the vocals, the way it starts, it makes it all seem so amazing so incredible, so strong.

    Remember this song, Orgasmatron, was recorded by Sepultura, Brazilian heavy metal band.

    Who loves heavy metal must have this Orgasmatron Motorhead album.
    I’m a 30 years old guy, and Motorhead Orgasmatron is the world best album ever.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The first album to showcase Motorhead as a four-piece, and introduce us to guitarists Wurzel and the indomitable Phil Campbell. Along with the short-lived departure of Philthy Taylor, replaced by the talented but oft unsung Pete Gill, things were looking bleak for Lemmy, but the infusion of new players with new ideas and abilities seemed instead to bring out the best in everyone involved. A more modern production style was adopted as well and suddenly the band was faced with creating not just a great hard rock album, but a heavy metal monolith. The songs on Orgasmatron are incredibly catchy, and almost nothing resembling “filler” is to be found. As if the album itself wasn’t enough, you get a bonus concert recorded in 1984, that contains the classics as well as then brand new single “Killed By Death”. In short, if God ever made a hard rock album, this is what it would probably sound like.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m glad to have this disc for the 11-song concert on the bonus disc. It’s from autumn 1984 (broadcast on BBC as the “Wooargh Weekender”) and features the still-new four-piece Motorhead lineup of Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Wurzel, and Pete Gill. It’s a very raw, high-energy show, possibly the rawest and rowdiest on any “official” Motorhead live release apart from the classic No Sleep Till Hammersmith, from 1981.

    But it would have been better if they released the live show as a separate issue (or included it on last year’s BBC Sessions set, as originally planned). The new master of Orgasmatron is terrible. There’s a sonic dropout within the first two seconds of the first track–what kind of quality control is that? Inexcusible. And overall, it’s a weak-sounding remaster with way-too-bright cymbals.

    If you need the Orgasmatron CD (and you do) buy an earlier single-disc edition. If you already have it, and you’re a big enough Motorhead fan, you’ll want the live concert that comes with this edition though.

    Posted on January 8, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now