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  • Burst are an experimental/avant garde/post hardcore band who have received quite a few glowing reviews. After listening to “Origo” for the first time, the listener might wonder why Burst are so widely acclaimed, but this album is a creeper–it slowly creeps under your skin with each listen. When you have completely absorbed these songs, you should realize that they are quite unique, complex, interesting, sophisticated, powerful, innovative, and almost amazing.

    The majority of this album is quite heavy, but “Origo” really starts to shine when it gets melodic. The first handful of songs, the churning “Where The Wave Broke,” the surging “Sever,” and “Immateria,” do their best to get the listener’s blood pumping, with chunky riffs and throat-straining/shredding yells. The fourth track, “Slave Emotion,” continues in this vein, and is backed by thumping snare drums, and stomping, Mastodon-esque (almost buzzsaw) power chords.

    Song numbers five and six, “Flight’s End” and “Homebound,” are the first partially melodic tunes on here. “Homebound” begins melodically, with a dreamy, mesmerizing string arrangement. Next, “It Comes Into View,” which features a gorgeous, dwindling string arrangement, strummed acoustic guitars, and a sluggish drum beat, is doubtlessly the prettiest song on here.

    Lastly, the remaining two tracks are “Stormwielder” and “Mercy Liberation.” These two songs return this album to its heavier, doomy, lumbering, riff-based roots.

    So, Burst definitely deserve all of the merited, positive reviews. But I cannot stress this enough: “Origo” will most likely take time to grow on you. It isn’t instantly gratifying or accessible, but every time you listen to this album, you’ll discover something new, and thus enjoy “Origo” a little more.

    Posted on December 27, 2009