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  • This is a fantastic album. If you are into death, tech/mathcore, prog or pretty much any other type of extreme music, you need to pick this up. All the instumentation is breath taking and quite satisfying. The one area Burst start to lose me on is the vocals, which come across as completely inappropriate at times. When I’m hearing the kind of melodic, grooving and intricate riffs that this band plays, I really don’t expect or want to hear somebody growling over it in an impotent attempt at Meshuggah worship. Those vocals work for some bands, but not for Burst; not all the time, anyway. They have crossed into such panoramic territory, that they should not be held back by the limited scope of so much full on screaming. If this band can learn to infuse even just a slightly more melodic approach to their lead vocals, the world at large will soon be singing praises for Burst.

    Posted on December 27, 2009