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Out of Exile

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  • Don’t listen to the people who like to hear themselves talk about how this album is sub-standard. Chris Cornell shines in his own way as usual and the past Rage Against the Machine members are also strong throughout. The writing is solid and the chemistry between the members of the band is evident.

    In the past I was more of a Soundgarden fan than a Rage fan. Trust me, there’s no sense in comparing this group to the past bands. This is a good album in it’s own right and yes, even if they weren’t past members of these bands this CD would still get looked at. Why? Chris is a unique and distinct vocalist. So are his lyrics. Tom Morello is a unique and distinct guitarist. You can’t get around that.

    If you are a fan of the genre and if you are at all a fan of the previous album then you should definitely pick this one up. If you aren’t familiar with these guys, pick it up and get back in touch with your rock and roll roots.

    From one person who likes good rock and roll to another or to someone still getting into it, check it out. And let yourself enjoy it free of comparisons and reviews rife with obnoxious vocabulary.

    Posted on February 16, 2010