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  • The first thing to do is ask yourself what it is you want from an album.
    Do you want something that will blend with your library?
    Do you want something heavy and deep to push?
    Do you want an ATR CD that sounds exactly like the others
    Do you just want to be entertained and don’t demand more than that?

    This CD is a new direction for these guys. It’s new and different…and whether you like it depends on what you want

    The first thing to examine is the vocals, as ATR is largely famous for Phil Labonte’s prowess for vein-bursting, bone-chilling and damn near terrifying screams.
    What we saw from The Fall of Ideals is that his singing voice is nothing short of spectacular either.
    Many would argue that his voice isn’t nearly up to par in this new album. Others will say that his technique for his singing voice has increased dramatically.
    As a singer, I can personally tell you that Overcome is much less challenging to sing than previous albums. I can also tell you that he still has a voice that i envy…so is his voice not as good as before?…in my opinion, yes, but it’s nowhere near bad. He just spends a lot more time singing than screaming on this album. Maybe that’ll work for you. Maybe it won’t.

    The musicianship:
    the music is nothing short of spectacular, as you would expect form an ATR album. It is however, again, different. The choruses are a bit more catchy in this one. The technicality in riffs and solos can be even more mind-blowing at times than before…but sometimes artists can lose sight of the music if they try to push everything too far. What they gained in technicality, they lost in the intricate balance of music they maintained in previous albums.

    This guy is badass. Wish I could find a percussionist like him. ‘nuf said

    Lyrics…I’ll be honest, sound a little less inspired on this album. For example: the chorus on “Do Not Obey”….youtube it…you’ll understand. My guess is that they had a little writer’s block during this album. That’s ok though. It happens to everyone and they pushed through it with lyrics that are, not amazing, but good at least. As a plus for this album, it is much easier to understand Labonte’s singing and i didn’t have to look up the lyrics to figure them out, mostly because he does so much more singing.

    I’d give this album a 3.5 if I could. I liked it, it was good, I was entertained, and that’s enough for me. I didn’t love it, but i throw it in the car player more than once a month.

    I can tell you that this album sounded different enough to largely expand their fanbase…that means that there’s plenty of people out there who love it.

    bottom line:
    1. it’s different
    2. You might like it
    …You might not
    3. it’s different
    4. It’s a solid album. I, however, would not regard it as their best.
    5. it’s different
    6. if you’re unsure, youtube it!
    7. it’s all a matter of what you want. Ultimately it’s up to you

    Posted on February 17, 2010