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All That Remains - And Death in My Arms (Lyrics In Description)

(Alright so this is the part of the description where I state ya know, I don't own the band, the song, and all that chizz so yeah, enjoy :) -Levi P.S I guess I'll do requests if I like the songs givin to me, idk. Just not any gay shit please. P.P.S if you guys would please help spread this video around so my page gets more popular I would find that amazing ;D Love ya guys.) [solo: Martin] and death lay in my arms as colors fade from gold to gray gray now broken my foolishness displayed hands tight around her throat this violent loving embrace lying restful safe in my arms steady rhythm trust she'll come to no harm feel her tremble as the nightmare begins sleep the horror as the nightmare it ends I hear her whisper a sweet sound fanning the flames these thoughts consume me and leave me wallowing gray now broken my foolishness displayed hands tight around her throat this violent loving embrace my fingers tremble her lips move silently one last i love you crush my resolve again


All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals Full Album

This was a request! So I hope you enjoy it! Please rate and comment and if you want more, please sub me! If you want me to upload something, please just ask!...

All That Remains (The Fall of Ideals) - Full Album

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, t...

All That Remains - Overcome (Full Album)

Fuck yeah! All right copyright goes to All That Remains band.

All That Remains - Asking Too Much (Music Video)

Facebook: Google+: This is how we imagined the music vide...

All That Remains - What If I Was Nothing - Lyrics

A great song from the new album titled "A War You Cannot Win". I worked hard on it so i hope you like it :)

All that Remains - Six (Live at TLA)

Artist:All that Remains Track:Become the Catalyst, This Darkened Heart, Six, Not Alone, It Dwells in Me, For Salvation, Tattered on my Sleeve, Regret Not, We...

All That Remains LIVE From Earthday Birthday 21

WJRR Presents All That Remains LIVE From Earthday Birthday 21 Orlando, FL - April 12th 2014

All That Remains - Six (lyrics)

EDIT: The lyrics are now 100% correct, no arguments about that. The correct phrase is "stomach turn", just listen carefully and you'll hear it. lyrics: I wis...

All That Remains - "This Calling" Drum Cover by Stefano Reynoldz Brognoli

Abiogenesis Facebook | Abiogenesis drummer Stefano Reynoldz Brognoli performs All That Remains' "This Calling" of...