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All That Remains - The Weak Willed (lyrics)

The weak willed by All That Remains ::Lyrics:: I will not give in to fascist beliefs and I am not a fool I will not let pride in my core be rooted out I will stand firm on my beliefs Live life the master of my destiny See no other way to live I am not the weak willed Nor am I a fool who can not see I am not the weak willed I will not let pride destroy me Wise men can see the difference in compromise And laying down ones beliefs There shall be wisdom in my beliefs They shall be rooted in strength not failure With lies on your tongue seek to deceive You've fallen victim to the human condition And it's lead to your defeat I am not the weak willed Nor am I a fool who can not see I am not the weak willed I will not let pride destroy me I will not let pride destroy me COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS NOT INTENDED BY POSTING THIS VIDEO. I DON'T OWN OR CLAIM TO OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE SONG. THIS IS A FANMADE VIDEO FOR ONLINE VIEWING ONLY! ATR's Facebook: Philip Labonte's Facebook: ATR's Website: BUY ALL THAT REMAINS FOR WE ARE MANY ON ITUNES :


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Full concert of All That Remains at Graspop Festival 2013 in Belgium! Enjoy and subscribe if you want :)

All That Remains - What If I Was Nothing 'Official Music Video' (Sub. EspaƱol)

Just let it go, don't want to haunt you anymore I can't be sure I know just what we're fight for I know that you're scared and that you're thinking I may go ...

All That Remains- Two Weeks

This Song is owned by All That Remains. Great song rate comment subscribe P.S i did misspell a few things in the lyrics so do everyone a favor and stfu about it.

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The Walking Dead: Season Two continues the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse. Left to fend for herself, she has been forced...

All That Remains - Two Weeks live (HD/DVD Quality)


All That Remains- This Darkened Heart w/lyrics

All That Remains- This Darkened Heart I've watched the days pass one by one until the fall of man and seen the cynics feed the jaded merely scraps and bones ...

All That Remains- The Last Time Lyrics

Title says it all.

[NEW ALBUM 2012]All That Remains - Down Through The Ages

New song from the album "A War You Cannot Win" of All That Remains "Down Through The Ages" November 6th. Pre-Order bundles are now available at