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Ozzy Osbourne - Live at Budokan

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  • Totally excellent DVD. The Bonus Material is fascinating. The set list is great, but OZZY is slightly toned down in this show. At the Very Least Check out the LAST SUPPER dvd, and LIVE AND LOUD ( And if you can get it, the French Documentary of SABBATH shows Ozzy in peak as additional comparison )for a more hyper Ozzy as comparison, but overall great Ozzy performance. Zakk Wylde is Great… by no stretch of the imagination would I call Zakk a Speed metal guitarist, since Zakk is Brilliant, and tonally Awesome. The Edit of the Show is great as well. This is Ozzy’s show, and Zakk gets plenty of Screen time during his Hyper-bolic solo of awesome proportions.

    Posted on December 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I saw this DVD. The quality is amazing. Big budget live show that is classic Ozzy. The band is on fire, Zakk, Rob, John and Mike Bordin on the drums. Thom Panunzio (record producer) did a great surround sound mix. It is as if you are there. Jeb Brien directs this show with an intimate feel, he has worked with Ozzy countless times before. The Budokan tradition lives on with this show. If you like the Osbournes TV show you will love the behind the scenes. Only this is uncut-so no beeping every 3 seconds. You get to travel around with the Osbournes through their gigs and siteseeing leading up to the big show. See Ozzy in the dressing room after the Budokan show. See Kelly and Jack up to there usual bickering. A Must Have DVD for your collection.

    Posted on December 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • A lot of music fans must be wondering why bands like to record live albums in Japan, esp. when the fans are more subdued, well behaved and very appropriately (or unappropriately, depending on how u see it!) dressed for metal concerts. But upon finishing watching this, the answer is pretty simple. Quality.The visual quality here is simply astounding, and this is definitely the most visually appealing DVD that I have. The images are really sharp, with the camera angles changing constantly. The audio mix is excellent as well, and you can really compare the difference with the Megadeth DVD. Zakk’s guitar is HUGE here, with tons of distortion and gain which enables him to pull off wicked sounding harmonics. The bass and drums, however, could use some improvement esp. with the lower frequencies. Zakk was simply terrific here, nailing every single note with conviction and with great style too ! His huge beard did give me a shock at first, and along with those wrist brace, he really did look like a true metal warrior lol. His lead playing on stage has improved tremendously since the Loud and Live days as he seems to be more careful and attentive to hitting the right notes. And damn those pinch harmonics of his .. Ozzy has really aged alot since I last saw him. However, he did pull of the vocals pretty well I must say. Great job indeed for a guy his age (the guys at Deep Purple sure could use some lessons from him!) Mike Bordin was awesome, and he really filled up the gaps well with plenty of varied beats and ultra cool drum rolls. He’s definitely injected that missing aggression into the songs. I’ve yet to check out the extra features tho, but I must say, this is truly an impressive live performance and a HUGE improvement from the Live n Loud days.

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  • I am not one for writing reviews, however I felt compeled to do so in this case. Let me simply say it … If you are an OZZY fan BUY THIS DVD. It is without a doubt the best OZZY live I have seen. Excellent audio quality, Crystal picture; Deliciously directed for an overwhelming OZZY experience. The return of Zack Wilde brings an energy filled set, tight and virtuostic. The band sounds awesome, OZZY feeds from this and sounds the best he has in years. He jumps, runs, curses and works the crowd into a frezy only as OZZY can. You can even understand him when he talks! An instant OZZY classic !!! The bonus features are just that. But the performance is top shelf and needs no support. Don’t hesitate to add this to your music collection in any form. If you don’t have a DVD then for God’s sake buy the CD’s. You cannot loose with this one. Three cheers for the SONY production crew for capturing this perfomance with great taste, appreciation for the music, and with style.

    Posted on December 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Ozzy has made many great live DVD but I think this the best. This DVD captures the live power that Ozzy has. Many of the songs have been made in 80’s and some even in 70’s but they sound now as fresh as they sound then. Ozzy seems to enjoy the live concerts very much. Also Zakk Wylde and others are really well present in this concert. The solos and the songs are great. I was quite disappointment on “Live & Loud” but this DVD has a place in my metal heart. Great live concert!
    1)I Don’t Know
    2)That I Never had
    5)Mr. Crowley
    6)Gets Me Througfh
    7)Suicide Solution
    8)No More Tears
    9)I Don’t Want to Change the World
    10)Road to Nowhere
    11)Crazy Train
    12)Mama, I’m Coming Home
    13)Bark at the Moon

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